Leona Hamel

name Passionate about human connection, Leona Hamel is a relationship specialist and communications coach. She is the CEO and President of Romance Unlimited and StageCoach Consulting. Her services include one-on-one coaching, group seminars, products, and resources for men and women who want to maximize their relationships to maximize their results, be it in the boardroom, "living" room or bedroom. She is also the author of The ABC's of Tease & Please: A Romance Handbook under her pen name LouLou L'Amour, and a contributing author to A First Serving of Milk and Cookies for Success. Visit http://www.romanceunlimited.com for new articles, tips and trivia each month. And don't forget to ask for LouLou's FREE Love Lesson for some exciting information and ideas!

National Hugging Day ... Reach Out and Touch Someone

02nd February 2006
As you button up your shirt, you ask, "So, what's your diagnosis, doc?" He pauses and then replies, "It appears you're suffering from touch deprivation." Somewhat taken aback, you sputter, "Is there a special treatment for that?" Smiling, the doc... Read >